About YDOCS Multimedia LLC
So, what exactly does YDOCS stand for?

Absolutely nothing... but it's a question we are often asked. It's kind of a sideways acronym.

But, years back when this company was founded, we went under the name of Yorkville Document Solutions. It was a name that reflected exactly what our business entailed at the time - documents. That was back in the late '90's when the internet was just beginning to truly take off. Quickly recognizing the need to jump on the internet bandwagon, we took our name, shrunk it down to something a little more manageable and moved forward.
And that is the short and, let's face it, uninteresting story of the company name. But... now you know!

While documents are still a small yet fully supported part of our business, we have switched our core specialties over the years toward the web and, specifically, to website design & development along with the related activities that compliment and support it. In recent years we have partnered with data centers to provide our customers with web hosting, exchange email hosting and 24/7 server management.

YDOCS Multimedia is now in it's 21st year. In that time we have built a strong base of clients both locally, in Northern Illinois, as well as around the country. We pride ourselves on delivering to our customers a product and an experience that exceeds expectations at a price that is both affordable and competitive.

We now have offices in northern Illinois and in central Minnesota.

We look forward to working with you and bringing our expertise to the table with the sole intent of helping you grow your business through the web.