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Where do we start?
It starts with a one-on-one conversation... we start with you, your objectives and what you want your website to convey about your establishment. It’s easy to develop samples of what we think you need but that “conversation” allows us to get an idea of what is in your “minds eye”; what you see as the ultimate look and feel of your website.

The goal is to provide the website visitor with an online experience not much removed from the same experience that visitor would have if they were sitting in your restaurant. Our approach brings the ambience and the look and feel of your establishment directly to the users screen.

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Features We Provide
A Reservation System You Control and Own
We’re all familiar with OpenTable® but, our system provides you with a reservation system that you own, free of reviews, ads and gives you a one-to-one link with your customers.

The process is straightforward… your guest makes the reservation from their phone or computer. You receive both an email and a text message the moment the reservation is entered. You can either deny or confirm the reservation from your smartphone screen which, in turn, immediately alerts your guest as to the status of their reservation and updates your internal system for your staff to see.

From there your in-house reservation display screen is instantly updated showing the upcoming reservations for that day and as many future dates as you wish to display with an easy page-to-page navigation system for your host or hostess.

You get to manage other aspects of the system in terms of blackout dates, hours you’ll accept reservations and how many reservation “slots” you want to make available each hour.

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Real-Time Control of Your
Online Menu

This is the Holy Grail of our offerings. Need to change a price, need to add or delete a menu item, or how about a quick edit to a description? On top of that, how would you like to do it all from your smartphone… from anywhere at any time?

Our system gives you complete control of your online menu through a user-friendly interface. You’ll finish your task in just a few seconds and the website will be updated just a few seconds after that. Your guests always see current and accurate information.

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The "Special of the Day"
The system we have in place allows you to take a photo of the special (with either your smartphone or a digital camera), enter in the relevant details (item, description and price) and then submit it to the website. This process updates the website instantaneously.

Once you’ve built up a library of specials, you’ll do nothing more than select previous specials and click submit. We can even allow the system to automatically change the special based on the day of the week...

"If it's Tuesday, then it must be Filet Mignon".

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A Dynamic and Manageable Photo Gallery
Again, armed with your digital camera or smartphone in hand, the photos you take are instantly added to your photo gallery. The photos are resized and formatted to fit the theme of your website pages. You’ll have full control to add, edit or delete albums, galleries and photos as needed.
Private Party and Event Management
Guests can submit requests for Private Parties directly from the website. You will be instantly alerted as requests come through allowing you to respond to the customer immediately. Your customers will feel as though you were waiting patiently for their request.

All of your party information gets permanently stored into a database allowing you to view historical data to better forecast and manage your costs.

Our system is fast and allows you to make contact with a potential customer before they have a chance to inquire somewhere else.

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We concentrate, certainly, on the look of your website - what the visitor sees; also known as the “front-end” of a website. But, an often-overlooked aspect of a great website design, and what sets it apart from being just a collection of static pages, is the background functionality of a website; also known as the “back-end”. This is what allows your website to function dynamically; with a degree of intelligence.

This “back-end” is the part of the website that allows content-management to do its thing, allows your site to recognize a returning visitors’ preferences, handles e-commerce functions and manages registered users. We also use time and date-based triggers to automatically alter the content of your website based on the month, week or day of the week… even based on the time of day.
No Templates
We design your site from the ground up to fit your vision and your needs. Custom-designed admin and content-management pages allow you to have total, real-time control over all aspects of your site.
No Annual Contracts
This is the best part of all. You pay "once" for your website... from there on you own your website files. What does this mean? It means you're not held hostage to a particular server or hosting package nor are you required to enter into an expensive annual maintenance agreement just to keep your website running. YDOCS Multimedia offers several annual maintenance packages tailored to fit your budget but... you are under no obligation to buy.
No Surprises
Once your website is up and running, the only additional expenses you will ever incur from us are for the annual hosting fees and/or any additional website "work" (additions, modifications, changes, maintenance, etc.) that you elect to have done.
Ready To Get Started?
For your convenience you can use our "Restaurant Website Design & Development Inquiry" form to provide us with a basic idea of what your needs are. You can also send a general email or just give us a call. We look forward to working with you. Click Here To Begin