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Reservations made easy... as it should be!
It's fast, simple and efficient.
Your own it - you control it!
Our system provides you with a one-to-one connection to your guests. The experience, on your end and theirs, is flawless and offers complete control of the process to your management and staff with the ability to update on the fly.

Let's walk through the process from the customer side...
Step 1.
Select a Date

Your guest sees a calendar set to the current month and day. They select the date they wish and proceed to the following screen. The system is designed to allow simple and fast selections from a smartphone screen.

While guests will have the ability to select any date, you can determine how far into the future the selection can be made. 5 days, 10days, 2 months... it's entirely up to you.

You get to manage other aspects of the system.
Need to blackout a date? Our system provides the ability to blackout any date and make that date completely unavailable to your guests.

You can also determine the hours in which you will accept reservations, how many "slots" are available per hour and table size... 2-top, 4-top, etc.

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Step 2.
Select a Time

Your guest is presented with the available times your establishment is accepting reservations.

You determine the times and the spacing between those times. Our system is preset to 30 minute intervals but, you can alter the default value and further determine it on a day-by-day basis to suit your customer traffic on those days.

As your available time slots fill up, times will automatically "gray out" and be unavailable for selection. This eliminates the possibility of overbooking reservations.

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Step 3.
Enter Contact Information

Your guest enters the contact information you need to respond to their reservation request. They can enter only an email address or, additionally, enter a cell phone number to receive both an emailed and text message reply to their reservation request.

Once the request is submitted your guest gets an email notifying them the request has been successfully sent and awaiting a confirmation from your establishment.

You determine the maximum number of guests that can be entered to give you better control of your floor.

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Here's what happens on your side...
Real-Time Delivery and Response
All designated recipients receive both an email and a text message notification of the new reservation request in which the reservation details are displayed. The delivery process will typically take less than 30 seconds.

Two links are provided within the email: "Respond To This Request" and,
"Check Current Reservations.

The "Check Current Reservations" link will display the currently entered reservations for the requested date. This allows the manager to make an informed decision before officially responding to the request.

The "Respond To This Request" link will display two options with which to respond to the request. See below...

Selecting "Confirm This Reservation" sends an immediate response (via email and text) to the guest, confirming the reservation date and time, and enters the reservation into the database.

The new reservation information is now displayed on the appropriate viewing devices within your establishment to alert your hosting staff of the upcoming reservations.

Selecting "Deny This Reservation" will inform the guest that the date/time selected is not available and the system will automatically offer alternate, available times for that date. Selection by the guest of an alternate time will submit a new reservation request.

All reservations are permanently stored in your website's database. This allows for future forecasting based on historical reservation trends. You can determine your most popular day of the week, time of day, etc. for reservations.

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