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The world is waiting for you...
Or, maybe it's just your local neighborhood!
Either way, your website will have a look and function that is truly world-class!
Where do we start?
It starts with a conversation... We start with you, your objectives and what you want your website to convey about your business. It’s easy to develop samples of what we think you need but that “conversation” allows us to get an idea of what is in your “minds eye”; what you see as the ultimate look and feel of your website. Click Here to Get Started!

We concentrate, certainly, on the look of your website - what the visitor sees; also known as the “front-end” of a website. But, an often-overlooked and somewhat misunderstood aspect of a great website design, and what sets it apart from being just a collection of "static pages", is the background functionality of a website; also known as the “back-end”. This is what allows your website to function dynamically; with a degree of intelligence.

This “back-end” is the part of the website that allows content-management to do its thing, allows your site to recognize a returning visitors’ preferences, handles e-commerce functions and manages registered users. We also use time and date-based triggers to automatically alter the content of your website based on the month, week or day of the week… even based on the time of day.

No Templates
We design your site from the ground up to fit your vision and your needs. Custom-designed admin and content-management pages allow you to have total, real-time control over all aspects of your site. There are a lot of "build-your-own-site" companies out there. They become easy to spot because all of their sites start to look the same. Your business is unique... your website should reflect that!

No Annual Contracts
Some will see this as the best part of all. You pay "once" for your website. What does this mean? It means you're not held hostage to a particular server or hosting package nor are you required to enter into an expensive annual maintenance agreement just to keep your website running. YDOCS Multimedia offers several annual maintenance packages tailored to fit your budget but... you are under no obligation to buy.

No Surprises
Once your website is up and running, the only additional expenses you will ever incur from us are for the annual hosting fees and/or any additional website "work" (additions, modifications, changes, maintenance, etc.) that you elect to have done.

Ready To Get Started?
For your convenience you can use our "Website Design & Development Inquiry" form to provide us with a basic idea of what your needs are. You can also send a general email or just give us a call. We look forward to working with you.
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